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The Virtues of Shea

Shea is a widespread product in Sub Saharan Africa. It comes from a tree called Butyrospermum Parkii. This tree produces nuts that contain a white almond which contains a lot of fat. The Shea butter is extracted from this almond. Shea butter has long been used by African women in their daily practices. In the kitchen, for hairs, body … it is one of the most uses oils in African traditions. Discover some uses of this magical paste.


Shea butter, for a natural well-being

Initially, Shea butter acts as a body treatment. It is very moisturizing, rich in vitamin F, vitamin A and unsaponifiables agents. It gives your skin elasticity, firmness, hydration and protection against the elements of nature. It is a good preventive care against stretch marks for pregnant women and those who follow a diet.

Shea butter is also used a medicine because it cures certain skin diseases. Including dermatitis, skin ulcers, burns, crevasses. It heals and disinfects wounds and protects the skin against the sun’s rays. African women have also use shea butter for the skin care of their babies.


Moreover, in the field of hair care, Shea butter is highly prized. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair strongly. It facilitates styling and protects against infections of the scalp. We can see the benefits among African women. This is a small simple recipe that you can adopt in your hair routine.

Hair Mask

You need for this mask

Shea butter 45g

Argan oil 10ml

Coconut oil 10ml

20 drops lavender ET

A ramekin / bowl or a small mortar


The recipe is simple. Simply mix shea butter until it has a creamy texture. Then add the different oils one by one and mix until you have a smooth cream. Once the mixture is ready, you apply it to a wet hair. After thirty minutes, you can shampoo your hair. This hair care can be applied monthly.

Shea at AwaleBiz

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Auteur/Author: Lucrèce GANDIGBE

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